JET High Prairie Meats Bundle Options

Customize you own bundle with any of our cuts of meats, or choose from one of these great options.  Most orders are ready within a few days, subject to availabitlity.  Total price based on actual wight of meat and includes all butchering fees. Listed prices do not include sales tax.


You can download a PDF copy here, or scroll down.


For reference, one cubic foot of freezer space will hold about 35 lbs of meat.



Option 1:  Custom Bundle

Create you own, choose any cuts of beef, pork, and lamb from our price list.  Prices are 5% off when you order 50-99 lbs and 10% off when you order 100+ lbs.  

Option 2: The Little Beef


Typical cost: $500-$530


35-40 lbs Ground Beef

6 KC Strip Steaks

6 Ribeye Steaks

2 Tenderloin Steaks

4 Sirloin Steaks

2 Flat Iron Steaks

4 Bone-in Roasts

1 Boneless Roast

5 lbs Stew Meat

3 lbs Soup Bones


Total weight: approx. 75 lbs

Option 3: The Big Beef


Typical cost: $950-$1000


70-75 lbs Ground Beef

12 KC Strip Steaks

12 Ribeye Steaks

6 Tenderloin Steaks

8 Sirloin Steaks

4 Flat Iron Steaks

7 Bone-in Roasts

3 Boneless Roast

10 lbs Stew Meat

6 lbs Soup Bones


Total weight: approx. 150 lbs

Option 4: The Pork Bundle


Typical cost: $300-$350


10 Bone-in Pork Chops OR

6 Boneless Pork Chops

5 lbs Bacon

2 lb Jowl Bacon

2 lb Bacon Ends

4 Boston Butts or Shoulders

1 rack Spare Ribs

15 lb Breakfast Sausage

10 lb Ground Pork

6 lbs Brats (any flavor)

5 lbs Season (neck bones)


Total weight: approx. 75 lbs

Option 5: Family Value Bundle


Typical cost: $140-$160


5 lbs Ground Beef

4 lbs Ground Pork OR Sausage

2 Bone-in Beef Roasts

4 lbs Beef Stew Meat

4 lbs Brats (any flavor)


Total weight: approx. 25 lbs

Option 6: Grill Masters


Typical cost: $210-$220


5 pkg Hamburger Patties (4/pkg)

6 lbs Brats (any flavor)

4 Beef Ribeye Steaks

4 Boneless Sirloin Steaks

4 KC Strip Steaks

10 Bone-in Pork Chops OR

6 Boneless Pork Chops


Total weight: approx. 30 lbs

Don't like any of these? You can always build you own custom bundle or adjust one of ours.


Orders are accepted through e-mail at or by phone at 913-683-4224

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